Technological advantage

In 2020 we opened a new 2700 m² production floor. It is one of the biggest and most modern e-liquid factories in the world.

Advanced technologies and innovation allow us to realize every order

Manufacturing e-liquids in our factory is based on a fully automated and unique production process. The production line was tailored specifically to our needs. Thanks to the modular installation, labelling and packing is done on one set of machines, which significantly improves efficiency and eliminates mistakes. As one of the very few companies on the market, we own a cellphone machine for wrapping products with a golden stripe.

Our production line is characterised by:

– 0,01 ml per bottle accuracy
– very high efficiency (20-25k/machine/shift)
– strict production processes procedures
– precise measuring apparatus
– 100% ISO9001:2015 quality control on every stage of production
– fine-tuned selection of aromas, steady proportions of ingredients
– highest quality components from the most reliable suppliers

Experience-based knowledge

Human factor is the most crucial factor responsible for swift functioning of the production line. We hire the best specialists who keep a close eye on the highest standards every day. Their task is to control intermediate products and oversee production processes. That is why our products are praised for high quality and reproducibility.