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Who are we?

Way2Web is a family-owned business, present on the e-liquid market since 2009. The owners’ experience stretches back to the catering industry, therefore working in the world of flavours and aromas comes naturally to us. The second generation is now participating in creation, introducing fresh and modern outlook on making products. The passion and love for the flavours and aromas is what defines us. We have invited the best specialists to work with us and it’s them who make our ambitious plans and dreams come true on a daily basis. All this has made us a leading European e-liquid producer, whose products are loved by hundreds of thousands of people.

Our experience

Since the very beginning of vaping, our company has been crucial for the development of this market in Poland, as well as in Europe. Our family passion for creation is strengthened by our professionalism: we hire the best specialists and maintain the highest quality control standards in production. We have our own lab and in 2020 we have opened a new plant where we make use of a technologically advanced production line. As far as intermediate products are concerned, we work solely with the most renowned suppliers. Every day we strive to enrich our experience, so that our products can give our clients utmost satisfaction.

Products compliant with the directive

The implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive (DIRECTIVE 2014/40/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States concerning the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products) guarantees that legal products, manufactured in accordance with its guidelines, are safe for users. At Way2Web we pay special attention to quality-control and safety, that’s why implementing TPD was just a formality, as our production standards had been compliant with its rigorous requirements long before. Moreover, we are constantly controlling the quality of our products in accordance to both the TPD and ISO norms.



Our experience

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This year ColinsS, one of the brands manufactured at Way2Web, will be celebrating its 12th consecutive year on the market. The development of the e-cigarette business in Poland has been dynamic: the Poles have jumped at the alternative for regular cigarettes. Good quality products and our clients’ satisfaction have been particularly important to us. It seemed only natural to transfer the catering industry experience and carry out lab tests of imported e-liquids to ensure safety for people’s health.

Soon after we had launched our own manufacture in 2013, our products found their way to European markets where they were met with an enthusiastic reception. We owe our success to our most intrinsic belief: combining the quality regime with the passion for creating new flavours.

The flavours developed in our company are consistently appreciated and praised by the Germans, British, Italians, Belgians, Dutch, Croatians, Greeks, Romanians, Czechs as well as users in Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

We aim at being the best and we strive to prove it every day by working with the best of the best. We take special care when it comes to intermediate products: we purchase them only from the most renowned suppliers and do follow-up checks on their compliance and quality in our own lab. Every day we are a living proof that nothing is impossible when it comes to creating new flavours. On our lab shelves there are hundreds of them and very often mixing them together gives unexpected results.

In 2020 we opened a brand new plant equipped with a state-of-the-art production line and a lab that has enabled us to raise our work standards and products’ quality even higher. We are ready to amplify our current production level and conquer new markets.

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Quality guaranteed!

The market success of our e-liguids is the result of our great care for quality. Implementing of the ISO9001 norms confirms our high quality target. We meet this target already at the stage of purchasing intermediate products – we work only with the best European producers. Without a shadow of a doubt can we say that our lab and production line belong to the European lead where both technological advancement and our personnel’s qualifications are concerned. All this considered, our clients can rest assured that the products we offer consistently maintain the same high quality.

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